The Po Delta National Park is the environmental macro-system in which the Sacca di Goro stands out like a precious stone, the result of the symbiosis between man and nature, where the explosive force of the river and its sediments meet the sea. The body of water that changes day after day, thanks to the skilful work of the operators, has become a real open-air production district over the years. Respect for the sea, human effort and technology come together, to offer a unique product known throughout the world: the Vongola Verace.

It is in this special context that the satellite cooperatives of Euroittica S.r.L. have established their activity, consisting of the planning and careful management of environmental resources.
The maintenance phases of the plants, the sowing of the juveniles (both native and those coming from the hatchery), the distribution of the product based on the size and the final phase of harvesting the commercial sized clams, follow each other cyclically, in order to guarantee production continuity and excellent quality.

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