Founded in 1996, specialized in the trade of high quality live bivalve molluscs

Euroittica is based in Goro, in the province of Ferrara, Italy. We have been operating in the import and export of live bivalve molluscs since 1996. We operate in the strategic geographical position called the “Sacca di Goro”, within which the company manages two clam farm concessions, allowing us to plan the sowing and harvesting of shellfish to satisfy all customer requests, in terms of quantity and quality.

Attention to the health and traceability of the commercialized batches, is the pivot around which the entire production phase revolves (the Mollusc Purification Centre is approved by Ministerial Approval Number IT 358 CE CDM, with a certified purification capacity of 40,000 kg ). The scrupulous application of a continuously updated HACCP plan, and inspection checks by external auditors, have allowed us to obtain the important IFS and ISO 22005:2008 certifications.

In addition to the routine analyzes carried out in accordance with current legislation by accredited laboratories (Tentamus Agriparadigma, Marine Research Center of Cesenatico, Zooprophylactic Institute of Ferrara), the company collaborates with the University of Bologna’s Veterinary Department for the funding of research contracts on Vibrios and NoroVirus.

Within this framework, a programme agreement was signed in 2010 called the “Integrated biotoxin analysis project”, complementary to the official inspection of the Veterinary Services, thanks to which the aim is to provide continuous monitoring on the limits of the individual mussel fishing areas’ bio-toxicology.
Over the years Euroittica, after having passed multiple checks in terms of quality, product availability, and pricing, have consolidated supply agreements with major retail chains capable of large-scale national distribution. The constant research and selection of the best national and foreign raw materials, combined with adopting technological innovations and the punctual management of logistics, allows us to approach the market with the certainty of being able to satisfy the most demanding commercial requests of our customers.
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